An Ex-Terrestrial Comic


Softies is written in the form of fairly self-contained episodes, listed here. You can start from the beginning, or maybe just pick whichever one sounds the coolest to you!

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Open For Continuation

Episode 1

Eight hours after the destruction of planet Earth, surviving child Kay is drifting through a stream of space debris when shes picked up by a passing alien spacecraft…

Who's Minding the Print?

Episode 2

Kay, Arizona, and Euclid visit a remote library to look for any record of the late planet Earth. Comedy occurs.

The Third One

Episode 3

Setting up shop in an open market, Kay, Arizona and Euclid attempt to sell some of their excess of Earthly waste to local scavengers.

Twilight Revue

Episode 4

Kay rubs elbows with a celebrity, except that celebrity doesn’t have elbows because she is a giant bird.

The Pilot

Episode 5

Kay, Arizona, and Euclid get a chance to just kind of chill out.


Episode 6

Things get weird, tense, and claustrophobic when Kay and Arizona make a late-night pit stop at a cheap diner orbiting high above a faraway planet.

The Experiencer

Episode 7

After a crash, Arizona tries to do the responsible thing and get the Stylish Carriage repaired, but close inspection of the ship reveals something even more disruptive...

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