An Ex-Terrestrial Comic



"The Ex-Terrestrial"

  • Home: Earth
  • Species: Human
  • Occupation: Child

When the planet Earth just kind of up and exploded one day, Kay miraculously survived the event and found herself floating about in the vacuum of space. She's pretty cool about it though; she doesn't like to sweat the small stuff.


"The Garbage Man"

  • Home: Squambal
  • Species: Lisque
  • Occupation: Space Waste Management

Arizona works as a waste collector, gathering dangerous interstellar space debris, such as the excessive amount of debris produced by the late planet Earth.


"The One With Three Eyes"

  • Home: Squambal
  • Species: Veule
  • Occupation: Animal

Euclid is Arizona’s longtime pet and work companion. His brain is augmented with spaceship parts after an injury in his youth, making him an invaluable knowledge source. He’s big into data and small in general.


"What If A Goat Stood Up and Started Talking To You? I Would Be Startled, Personally"

  • Home: Gnufté
  • Species: Grezeppe
  • Occupation: Waiter

Scrabatha Rachteich
& Carrie "Mum" Rachteich

"This is two characters."

  • Home: Cruvaro
  • Species: Cruvarian Minskret
  • Occupation: Loving Family

Thestrich O'Heron

"Like Big Bird but Pink and Screaming"

  • Home: ???
  • Species: ???
  • Occupation: Entertainment Personality

I didn't name this character

"but they sure do look nice on the character page"

  • Home: Liphibi
  • Species: Lue
  • Occupation: Librarian